Four Days, Four Centuries of Jewish Florence

The Jews, the Medici and the Ghetto in Florence is centered around a 3D reconstruction of the piazza and streets of the ancient Ghetto and the visual reconstruction of two synagogues and the mikvah, as well as paths across the squares and private spaces that allow visitors to go inside the world of Florentine Jews and understand the ties that bind the Jews to the Grand Dukedom after two centuries of conflict, diplomacy and cultural exchange.

The reconstruction is supplemented by paintings, sculptures, photographs, manuscripts and documents that reflect both daily life and the Ghetto’s politics and Jewish cultures, drawn from the extraordinary artistic patrimony of the Uffizi Galleries, other important Tuscan collections and international museums.

Consisting of four main sections, stretching chronologically from pre-Ghetto days to its demolition at the end of the 19th century, the exhibition explores the relationship between the Ghetto and the rest of the city, reflecting how Jews and non-Jews interacted in the context of Medici’s government and official policies on the Jews.

It is based on ten years of research.